Tuesday, July 1, 2008
eclectic imperative
So yesterday matt and I were chattin about music per ushe and he mentioned the new Dr. Dog album, Fate, saying if I wasn't only listening to electronic music I should check it out. Check it out I did and I really really like it. The point of the story is I always have tried to stay eclectic and just support music that I liked, not a certain scene or genre. Lately the scene that happens to intrigue me most is on the techno side of things. And in an effort to keep you guys eclectic, here is a real smooth jam. This would be considered gangsta house maybe, not so good with all the genres still. Anyways, this is a track from a Loco Dice, but the part that I really like is the production which is mainly done by Martin Buttrich (this dude is the man, but honestly if I had a name like Buttrich, I would keep that to myself), check it out:

Loco Dice "Pimp Jackson is Talking Now!!!"

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