Monday, June 23, 2008
why I am going to europe after college
Why? Because then I can go to the sonar festival in Barcelona with a fuckin hot Brazilian girlfriend who hangs out with guys like Richie Hawtin and Marco Carola (big deal djs) and gets me backstage at a bunch of dope shows at festivals where girls throw themselves at djs and all kinds of drugs are passed around like demos. Most importantly because then I can go to a beach party and end up hangin with Claude VonStroke and Christian Martin!!!! And Claude can yell at me "This shit is the big dirty bomb man!"
That my friends, is the life that my English buddy Tom lives. I don't think I have ever been this jealous of someone. He said that Claude is a lot like me! I can only hope. Anyways, to celebrate his good fortune and me finishing what is probably the most complicated research paper I have ever done here are some fun beatz:

First up I am linking a mix Tom and Jack's (Jack is another english/techno buddy) buddy made, it is really good, if you can't handle the first part skip to like the 45 min mark, it gets real wild after that:

Jozef K- Mix 1

Now, a shot to Claude:

Claude VonStroke "The Whistler" (Aston Shuffle remix)

And finally a new track I have been listening to a lot lately, from the kitsune clan, David E Sugar is one of the better things I have heard in a while, I haven't heard a track of his that isn't innovative as hell, but still accessible, enjoy:

David E Sugar "The Big H"