Sunday, June 22, 2008
Everybody has their suspicions and "coincidences" and such but lately I feel bathed in 'em. Weird shit just keeps going down. Last night I smoked up a party of about 20 or so and one guy said to me "man, you are running this party" and I decided to respond "the silent man is the suspicious man" so that is not really a case of weird shit happening to me, but just me being weird. All the same I have been great lately in a lot of ways. I can't believe I have spent a year in BA and now I am just leaving, feels silly.
I am calling next year the best year of my life so far, fyi. And thats no easy feat, this year down here and last year on hoyt were both dope as fuck.

all I am saying is expect the strange, live the dream and don't answer questions how people want you to.

now, here is a track that is a little suspect, suspiciously good!! (spoiler alert: this is a builder, don't listen unless you can commit, little bitch) This is a track by Miles Dyson, this guy is weird in real life I bet, his music is borderline experimental but definitely could fall under many of the ________house genres (prolly closest to tech house, but this track is a house house track). Hope you like it.

Miles Dyson "Anthem"

Sweaty Roughness