Saturday, June 28, 2008
lazy saturdays....
So today I did almost nothing but I did manage to spend the afternoon getting 200some new beats to send your guys' ways; plus I read about the daft punk dynasty and how they own all of france (or at least the part I care about, the electro part). Basically Daft Punk--Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo--were playing punk before they got "dafted" with this other dude Led Brancowitz. Thomas and Guy decided they wanted to play with electronic music and make house beats and Led didn't feel the same. Led went on to be Pheonix, go figure. Thomas started his own record label, Roule, with one other dude. They signed Alan Braxe, Romanthony (who provides a lot of the Daft Punk vocal samples) and Dj Falcon. The other dude left that label in due time and formed Kitsune, who are now the french god label next to Ed Banger records who were formed by Pedro Winter (Busy P) who back at the start of it all was one of Daft Punk's managers. During all this role changing Thomas formed Stardust with Benjamin Diamond and Alan Braxe and Guy formed Le Knight Club with this dude Eric. I know that I have heard all of these guys' music and love a lot of it, so I imagine most of you know their songs. Except of course that last group Le Knight Club, I hadn't heard anything by them ever, until this afternoon. It isn't amazing or anything but I think it is cool to look back at one of the first Daft Punk remixes, fittingly made by half of the group itself. These guys and their friends obviously know something we don't, or maybe they were just lucky. What if someone wrote a post like this 10 years from now about us?

Check this Le Knight Club "technologic" remix provided by Le Touch blog, a dope mexican blog that provided all that info as well:

and then something completely unrelated...because it is one of my favorite hip hop songs of all time, because hot chip remixes on a lazy day are great and because it has been remixed a little bit lately--random--here it is:

The Pharcyde "Passing Me By" (Hot Chip remix)

Finally, did you guys know about this?:

Sweaty Roughness