Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Its bigger than....
Hip hop and I have always had a weird relationship. Mainly based out of loyalty to my childhood or early teenage years--I listened to Big L, Guru and Styles P in 7th grade--, I have always tried to keep up on whats going on. To be honest I don't think much has gone on since the nineties that is worth shouting about, but now and again I will be pleasantly surprised by both commercial and underground hip hop--Cool Kids, Clipse, Prolyphic, Cadence Weapon. Yesterday I found this track by T.I. that is either coming out soon or already out (it was an old post) but it caught my ear because it sounds like they took a lesson from Ratatat on the production (something a lot of people are doing lately I think) and the lyrics are actually pretty tight.
Brims up:

T.I. "No Matter What"

Sweaty Roughness

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