Monday, June 16, 2008
Holy Bleepers!
Way to go Petes! I really like Konrad, he has a dope remix/original (one of those songs that the artists names after the track he is remixing but still keeps himself as the original artist) of Sweet Dreams. I was gonna put it up, but I am still figuring all of this out and I can't find every single song in my itunes library in my itunes music folder--this is the cross I bear.
Anyways, since you put up that Pilooski remix of the Mystery Jets, which I really liked, I thought I would put up a different one that takes the remix in a way different direction. I wouldn't say I like one remix more than the other, 1. because I am not an ass and 2. because they are way too diferent to compare. I would say that the Duke Dumont remix falls more into the style of music I am especially obsessed with right now. Here it is:
Mystery Jets "Two Doors Down" (Duke Dumont remix)

Sweaty Roughness

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