Saturday, June 14, 2008
Alright, I figured how to post using Zshare so I guess here we go.

Since this is my first post ever on an internet blog I chose something significant to me.

As I have mentioned to some if not all of those in or surrounding the Shades Down crew, this year abroad has been huge for me in a lot of ways. On top of all the culture shock learning, spanish fluency, and overall growth that I have experienced this year, I have invested quite a bit of time and as much money as I could into developing my music tastes. While it was only a little over two years ago that I first hung out Stu and had my first bite of EDM it feels like quite a bit longer. I started listening to fairly mainstream Euroelectropoptronica, then got caught up in a love affair with mash ups--hood internet--, then kind of smoothed it all out and just listened to what came onto Discobelle or Missingtoof. But then I came down here. The EDM culture down here is similar to that of Europe's (they call Buenos Aires the "Paris of South America") except that it is just all imported, there is very little production going on down here, lots of djing but very little original producers or remix artists. Therefore, my taste swung into what I would consider the "posh" end of European electronic music. The big names came through, I went to Creamfields and saw the likes of Chemical Brothers and Spitfire and John Digweed and such; then went to a couple smaller raves and just started feeling out how little I knew about the international scene. At that time I was still feeling more dancey stuff and not so tech. Then a group of English boys came into the mix, Jack and Tom mainly, and just ripped my senses apart with all this talk of minimal and tech house. Now I would say I have kept my interest in dance house and figit house and acid house and everything else that is on the blogs, but just have become more selective about it. I have added to that interest a strong desire to learn more about and hear more minimal, tech house and deep house (as well as just know more about all of the artists I listen to). So in the spirit I am posting a track that while you may have heard the Claude VonStroke 17 year remix, I doubt you guys have heard the original--two very different tracks despite being based on the same sounds. It is "Cicada" the original mix by Justin Martin, one half of the Martin Brothers and a prominent member of the Dirtybird crew. Enjoy:

(PS: how do I make the link just be the word "Cicada" or "Zshare" or something like that?)

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